Ultrasound Markt

Your procedural partner, designed for efficiency

The assurance you’re looking for in medical imaging is here. With its 21” all-touchscreen display, Sonosite ST is engineered to enhance the way you approach point-of-care ultrasound procedures. Featuring an intuitive user interface for optimal workflows, Sonosite ST connects clinicians to the needs of patients with nimble performance and precision, helping you move forward with confidence

  • Sonosite ST incorporates the image clarity you have come to know and rely on from a Sonosite system
  • Sleek 21″ all-touchscreen interface, housed in a seamless form factor, flat panel display that’s visible across the bedside
  • Auto Steep Needle Profiling helps in-plane needle visualization from multiple angles with one system interaction
  • Optimized exam types, a library of onboarding tools, and more than 150 scan-along tutorials to support your workflow and efficiency
  • Low-profile wheelbase with one-step height adjustment for effortless maneuvering from room to room

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