Ultrasound Markt

AI-assisted handheld ultrasound system

The only AI-driven handheld tool comparable to cart-based systems

Optimized presets for the lungs, heart and abdomen.

With its high-quality imaging, KOSMOS can be used to detect a variety of pulmonary and cardiac parameters

  • Advantages:        

    • Lightweight and portable device with PW and CW Doppler
    • Torso, a sector probe, offers a high definition image with a smaller footprint and a narrower grip.
    • Lexsa, a linear probe, brings high performance to extremity, vascular and superficial applications.
    • 5 years warranty
  • Durability :        

    • Tested to withstand a one-meter drop 
    • The Kosmos Bridge has a touchscreen that minimizes hard-to-clean buttons. In addition, the only buttons on the system (volume and power) are sealed in silicone rubber.
    • High quality materials selected for their compatibility with aggressive cleaning chemicals
    • System: classified IP22
    • Transducer: classified IPX7

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